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Cooperation Program

KAMS Connection

To diversify international exchanges and cooperative projects in the performing arts and raise the ability of international exchange experts, KAMS Connection was opened in 2010 as a program supporting Korean and overseas experts in performing arts to research and run related collaborative projects through cooperation with foreign counterparts.

The research visit programs for international participants of the Korea-Lithuania Connection 2018 and Korea-Mexico Connection 2017-2018 will be conducted during PAMS 2018. In addition, various programs, including meetings with Korean professionals or artists as well as seminars and performances, will promote understanding of Korean performing arts, devise new ideas, expand networks and find potential partners for collaboration. In addition, the ‘Connection Salon Seminar’ will open on Oct. 18 at Hongik Art Center Gallery 2 to share the results of research by Lithuanian experts.

Korea-Lithuania Connection 2018
Co-organization : Lithuanian Culture Institute

  Name Organization Position
1 Ineta Baužytė Klaipeda drama theater Head of cultural activities and public
relations department
2 Jolita Balandytė Arts Printing House General Manager
3 Karolina Žernytė Theatre Of Senses Director and actress
4 Rusnė Kregždaitė Arts and Science Lab/ Vilnius University Producer/Lecturer
5 Vidas Bizunevičius Lithuanian National Drama Theatre Producer and tour manager

※ Connection Salon Seminar : Lithuania NOW - 2018. 10. 11. Thu. Hongik Art Center Gallery 2

Korea-Mexico Connection 2017-2018
Co-organization : INBA/Ceprodac

  Name Organization Position
1 Aime Irasema Sánchez López freelance dancer Dancer/Choreographer
2 Evelyn Gómez Díaz Ceprodac Dance manager
3 Itzel Anaya Mugica Ceprodac International manager
4 Jairo Heli García Paredes HIKURI DANZA General director
5 Melissa Stephany Rodríguez Castillo Moving Borders / CAMP_iN Project manager

Journey to Korean Music

“Journey to Korean Music,” now in its ninth year, is a platform that introduces the music and culture of Korea to world music experts from around the globe and provides support for traditional Korean performance organizers seeking to take their productions abroad. Through Journey to Korean Music, Korean organizations can access opportunities for promotion and take steps to advance into the international market, while overseas experts can gain an understanding of both Korean culture and music. Over 100 international world music experts have visited Korea to take part in this program over the years.

This year’s program features 20 performances in total and includes not only Korean music but also traditional dance. Of past participating artists and companies, approximately 67 percent have successfully entered markets in Poland, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Norway, France and Denmark. Participation in Journey to Korean Music has also led to numerous other performance opportunities at events such as the 2010 WOMEX Opening Ceremony in Denmark, and Korean focused programs at Colours of Ostrava in the Czech Republic and the Paris Autumn Festival. The KAMS-EFWMF Tour Grant was also created in partnership with the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals, which includes some 40 member festivals, to support Korean performance organizations seeking to conduct tours in Europe.

This year, Journey to Korean Music features seven selected programs as well as three special programs, including “Palsanpung(Wind of Palsan):The Harmony of Palsandae and Master Dancers”(co-organized with Korea Cultural House) and “Korean Music: Masters of Our Time”(co-organized with Arts Council Korea). Journey to Korean Music offers a rich experience of Korean music in all of its diversity, from traditional Korean arts in their original forms to Korean music reshaped for the future using modern language.

Contact : kimeh@gokams.or.kr / +82-2-708-2273

  Name Country Venue/Festival Job Title
1 Birgit ELLINGHAUS Germany alba KULTUR Director
2 Bořislav HOLEČEK Czech Republic Rachot Production Director
3 Brahim EL MAZNED Morocco Visa For Music Director
4 Chien-Fu LAI Taiwan Studio Acht Programme & Marketing Manager
5 Eric Anthony LINDER Swiss Antigel Festival Director
6 Fang-Yi LIN Taiwan Studio Acht Artistic Director
7 Furat AL QADDUORI UAE/Germany Sharjah World Music Festival Founder & Director
8 Jarmila VLCKOVA Slovakia World Music Festival Bratislava Artistic Director
9 Jonathan Walter CAMPBELL Canada Aga Khan Museum Manager
10 Jorge Rodrigo SIGAL SEFCHOVICH Mexico Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts and Visiones Sonoras International Festival Director
11 Joshua McNORTON Canada/UK Rich Mix Cultural Foundation Head of Programs
12 Jozsef Csaba LŐKÖS Hungary CLMUSIC Owner & Managing Director
13 Juan Antonio VAZQUEZ FRANCO Spain Mundofonias Co-director
14 Limor TOMER USA Metropolitan Museum of Art General Manager, Live Arts
15 Marco Antonio PERALES RODRIQUEZ Spain CityZen Music Founder & Managing Director
16 Michelle ROCHA Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Producer(Music & Outdoor)
17 Paula Mercedes CAXAJ-RUIZ Canada Sunfest Co-Artistic Director
18 Rómulo SANJURJO Spain/Argentina SoL® The Music Network Director
19 Seth Jordan BENDERSKY Australia Songlines / Rhythm Music Journalist, Radio Broadcaster, Festival Consultant