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Registration Guide


Individual Registration Register Now!

  • PAMS Pass includes free access to PAMS 2018 programs.
    - Showcases : PAMS Choice, International Showcases
    - Networking program : Speed Dating, PAMS Night
    - Information program : Focus Session, Round Table, Pitch Sessions
  • Information of Korean and international participants in PAMS 2018
  • Brochure package and souvenir as well as PAMS 2018 programs
  • Discount ticket for Seoul Performing Arts Festival 2018
  • ※ Some programs(Showcase, Speed Dating, Pitch Sessions) are required to make a reservation in advance. It is on a first come, first served basis.
  • ※ The Program Reservation System is due to open on August. The notice of its open will be sent to each of the registered e-mail address.

Booth Registration Closed

  • One table, three chairs and one electricity socket provided
    ※ You have to rent additional equipment, including video devices.
    Designated rental contractors will be announced when booth application come to an end. (within September)
  • Two free PAMS passes per one booth will be offered.
    ※ In case that you need more passes, you have to make an additional registration as an individual.
  • Brochure package and souvenir as well as PAMS programs

Registration Period and Price

Type of Registration Period Discount price
All day pass online
Blind Ticket
21 Jul. (Thu.) - 31 Jul. (Tue.) 50% KRW 200,000
Early Bird Ticket
1 Aug. (Wed.) - 21 Sep. (Fri.) 20% KRW 320,000
Student Discount 21 Jul. (Thu.) - 21 Sep. (Fri.) Special Price KRW 30,000
onsite 9 Oct. (Tue) – 11 Oct. (Thu) - KRW 400,000
One day pass onsite 9 Oct. (Tue) – 11 Oct. (Thu) - KRW 80,000
*Student: KRW 10,000
Booth online
6 Aug. (Mon.) – 30 Aug (Thu.) - KRW 680,000


  • The registration period is subject to change on the situation of the system.
  • PAMS offers 50% off of All day pass for unlimited period to individual who had registered to PAMS 2017.
  • Student Discount is available for only students resident in Korea.
  • Please contact to +82-708-2292 for ‘One day pass’ on 7 October, 8 October, and 12 October.
  • Payment will be charged in Korean currency.
  • You may not enter program without PAMS 2018 Pass and not pass is non-assignable.


  • Payment Option Bank Transfer or Credit Card
  • Bank Info
  • Name of Account : Korea Arts Management Service
  • Account No. : 100-031-399309
  • Name of Bank : SHINHAN BANK
  • Swift code : SHBKKRSE
  • Address of Bank : 120, 2-GA TAEPYUNG-RO, CHUNG-GU, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA

Cancellation and Refund

Individual Registration

  • Up til seven days before PAMS starts a 90 % refund
  • Up til three days before PAMS starts a 80 % refund
  • Up til one day before PAMS starts a 70 % refund
  • Once PAMS starts not eligible for a refund

Booth Registration

  • Cancellation on the same day of booking Full refund
  • Up till seven days before registration deadline 80% refund
  • Up till one day before registration deadline 70% refund
  • On the day of registration deadline 50% refund
  • After booking deadline not eligible for a refund
  • * You may request the cancellation of your reservation through email, or fax, before making a phone call to get a confirmation.
  • * Refunds will be processed in the same form as the original payment. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.